Samsung DW80K7050UG Review

samsung dw80k7050ug review

No one can deny the power of a good dishwasher. In a busy, work day, no one has time for washing the big amount of dishes left after all meals in the day. Imagine preparing a big meal for your family or friends, with so many dishes, glasses, pots, and pans used. And now imagine you have to clean all of those, not just once, but every day. This would be a real nightmare for all employed people out there, who at the same time, prepare meals at home. There are many different dishwashers. Some of them are produced by Samsung, that it is not only manufacturing dishwashers, but also other electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. The subject of this Samsung review, as the name says itself, is the Samsung DW80K7050UG dishwasher. Read on to see why it is on our list of best dishwashers.

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Samsung offers durability, reliability, and quality, and all of that for very good prices. For that reason, it is a leading manufacturing company for electronic devices in the world. This Samsung dishwasher has really good rating scores by its satisfied consumers, and this is why we decided to analyze its features. By reading this Samsung review, you can learn more about its specifications and decide whether you should buy exactly this dishwasher. We have also made a comparison to some of its competition dishwashers, so you can easier spot its benefits and drawbacks.

Quiet operation

First things first, we have to start with reviewing the produced sound of this dishwasher. Many of the Samsung dishwashers are famous for its quiet operation, but this one is definitely leading. If you check consumer reviews, you will notice that almost all consumers are more than satisfied with the noise level of this Samsung dishwasher. The sound level is only 44 decibels, which is incredible! This is less than a normal conversation, which is more than a benefit from this dishwasher. It allows you to do all of your other home activities without being disturbed by a noisy dishwasher. This is possible as a result of the 5 layer door and special insulation system that is integrated within this dishwasher.

We will continue now in our review with listing all the key features of this Samsung stainless steel dishwasher.

Key features

The dishwasher has a StormWash system, which means extra effort on super greasy and hard-to-clean food stains. This StormWash system can be easily used for cleaning cooking pots and pans. Extra amount of water is sprayed on these greasy spots, and with this technology its performance it’s really increased.

Next feature that we analyzed it’s the  design. The incredibly good design of this dishwasher will make it really suitable for your kitchen style. It comes up in two colors, black stainless steel, and stainless steel. The control panel with the all the controls are placed on the top of its door which allows for easy access. Its controls are also very simple, which makes it very easy to read and operate with. In addition, the touchpad is adjustable. It can be hidden totally in order to achieve a smoother look, or it can be partially hidden. If you want more visibility, then you can choose the partially hidden option.

samsung dw80k7050us review

The adjustable upper rack is another feature of this dishwasher that allows for washing large bowls or your delicate porcelain. Also, there is a third rack that you can use. This rack can be used for washing cutlery and large utensils, and it will save you a plenty of space for washing other items at the same time.

The dishwasher has 6 cycles. For example, you can use the normal cycle for average dirty dishes, or you can use the heavy cycle for very greasy dishes with fatty spots.

Another important feature is the AutoRelease door drying. If you put this option on, the dishwasher will automatically open when the washing cycle is finished. When the door is opened in this mode, you cannot close it by yourself for the next 2 minutes. This is a great feature that allows for fast drying of all dishes inside.

Technical details

  • Design type – StormWash
  • Control panel style – Hidden
  • Front cycle progress indicator – Light indicator
  • Energy Star certified – Yes
  • Weight – 97 pounds
  • Dimensions – 25 x 24 x 35 inches
  • Installation type – Built-in
  • AutoRelease door drying – Yes
  • Exterior color – Stainless steel
  • Energy usage (kWh/year) – 239 kwH
  • Delay start option – 1-24h
  • Digital leak sensor – Yes
  • Sound level (dBa) – 44 dBa
  • Control type – touch
  • Third rack – Yes

Good for the environment

This dishwasher is Energy Star certified. This means, that it uses an advanced technology in order to clean your dishes. The end goal is to use less water and energy, and with this energy efficiency to protect the environment. Same as other dishwashers that have been certified with Energy Star, it comes up with few innovations. As the most important we can mention soil sensors, improved water filtration, very efficient jets and innovative rack design. Another great thing is the option of half load wash. If you don’t have enough plates for a full load, you can simply use this option. By using it, you can reduce energy and support water conservation by utilizing half the amount of water per load. This makes it very desirable for all of you who are environmentally aware, or for those who just want to save energy.

DW80K7050UG Review

The bottom line

This dishwasher that we analyzed in our Samsung DW80K7050UG review offers many benefits for the user for a very affordable price. Consumers have reviewed it as very quiet, extremely durable and with great performance capabilities. And all of that you will get for a great price. It has great design, inside and outside. You can wash a large number of dishes, pans, and cutlery in the same cycle. At the same time, its exterior design it’s easily suitable for different kitchen styles. If super quiet, durable and affordable dishwasher with a lot of different features is what you are looking for, then you should choose this Samsung dishwasher.

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Maytag MDB8959SFZ Review

mdb8959sfz review

Tired of washing dishes by hand? Tired of being busy for an extra hour after a lunch or dinner? There is no need to worry anymore about it. With the everyday technology improvements, there are a lot of different dishwashers that will substitute your effort, and save your priceless time. One of the manufacturing companies that produce various different dishwashers is Maytag. Maytag is a world famous manufacturer of durable kitchen and laundry appliances.Therefore, in this Maytag MDB8959SFZ review, we will talk about the Maytag Top Control dishwasher, and what got it on the list of best dishwashers.

mdb8959sfz review
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First, we will start with evaluating the design. The Maytag 24-inch top control dishwasher comes with a stainless steel design. Another new feature that is very important and you need to consider when you are choosing this dishwasher, is that it is very easy for cleaning and maintenance. Also, it has a fingerprint resistant stainless steel design. Having this feature, you don’t have to worry about your children’s fingerprints all over the dishwasher.

maytag dishwasher mdb8959sfz review

In addition, you can choose between 3 different colors, black, white, and silver. The different color option helps a lot if you want your dishwasher to fit in your kitchen and interior style in general. Also, the Maytag 24-inch Top control dishwasher has a bar on the door that can serve as kitchen towel holder, where you can freely hang a kitchen towel.

Key features

All modern dishwashers are often so quiet, you can’t even hear that they are running. It is the same case with the  top control dishwasher, which is the subject of this review. Its operation is very quiet, with produced sound while operating of only 47 dB. This dishwasher definitely will not disturb you while having kitchen conversations. Actually, sometimes consumers were even accidentally opening the dishwasher while it was still working. To solve this problem, Maytag added a small light indicator on the front of this dishwasher. The light indicator is blue when the cycle is running, and it turns green once the dishwasher cycle is done. However, the quiet operation doesn’t affect anyhow the performance and effectiveness of this dishwasher.

You have five different cycle options, and also the top control buttons are straightforward and easy to operate with. Power blast is what you will want to use for the pan used for baking eggs you had for breakfast yesterday. However, we found that the normal cycle was good enough for everyday use and cleaning normally soiled dishes.

Unlike a lot of flat front dishwashers, the Maytag actually has a bar where you can hang a towel. It’s a small but convenient feature that you will be of great help for everyday cooking. On the inside, there is a stainless steel tub, two drawer design adjustable racks and a removable stainless steel silverware basket.


Also, it is energy star certified, which saves you water and energy. Speaking about capacity, it can hold up to 14 place settings. With produced sound when operating of 47 dB, it might not be the quietest dishwasher on the market, however, the sound is relatively quiet and it won’t disturb you anyhow.

Is it worth buying it?

Maytag dishwashers are generally good dishwashers, with relatively cheap price and good performance. Maybe they are not on the top list of dishwashers, however, they do the job.

This Maytag dishwasher, which we reviewed here, is definitely worth the money. It has a cheap price, and for that price, it offers a lot of different features. Customers have been really happy with the performance of this dishwasher. Offered features like the soil sensor, are of great value for consumers. For example, the soil sensor can detect the soil-level of dishes that need to be cleaned, and therefore it will automatically adjust water and energy. This feature is saving you both water and energy.

A self-cleaning filter is another advantage you get with this Maytag MDB8959SFZ dishwasher. This self-cleaning filter doesn’t need any of your attention, and it is much quieter than manual cleaning filter.

And with the various different wash cycles, few different options, and other valuable features, you get a dishwasher that is easy to operate with and has a good cleaning performance.

Technical specifications

  • Brand name – Maytag
  • Height – 34.5 in
  • Width – 23.25 in
  • Depth – 24.5 in
  • Maximum noise level – 47 dB
  • Dishwasher Type – built-in
  • Energy Star Certified – Yes
  • Automatic temperature controls – Yes
  • Last cycle recall – Yes
  • Handle Material – Plastic
  • Number of Racks – 2
  • Tub Material – Stainless steel
  • Tub style – Built-in Tall Tub 24”
  • Certifications – Kosher Consumer Friendly


According to the manufacturer Maytag, this dishwasher should last at least for 10 years, and maybe even more due to its very powerful design. Therefore, Maytag 24-inch top control dishwasher comes with a 10-year limited parts warranty, which is really good. Also, Maytag has plenty of replacement parts if required, so you definitely won’t have problems with this Maytag dishwasher model.

Wrapping things up

The Maytag top control dishwasher might not be really the top choice but it is a pretty quiet dishwasher and gets your dishes clean. It has a small light indicator that clearly shows when dishes are done. This means you will never have to check your forks or dishes if they are clean yet! With different wash cycles and different options, you can easily choose the best option for your normally soiled dishes or grease pans. With the adjustable upper rack, you can easily fit your larger pots and pans. Its spinning spray jet mechanism is very powerful, and overcome the problem of missing spray jets on the top of the dishwasher. However, they spray jets take some space, and the result is a problem with fitting very large items in the dishwasher. The conclusion is, if you want a solid dishwasher that cleans and dries and runs extremely quiet, this model of Maytag dishwashers is worth the money.

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Samsung DW80K5050US Review

samsung dw80k5050us review

Before buying a dishwasher, we all have one question in mind, “Is this the right dishwasher for me?”. In order to answer this question, we often read product specifications and customer’s reviews, or simply ask friends for their recommendation. In the end, the dishwasher that you will choose, it must suit your needs and wishes. With this Samsung DW80K5050US review, we will try to help you decide if this is the right dishwasher for you, or you should look further.

Speaking of the brand Samsung, all of us associate it with high-quality electronics and appliances. They have proven that they always deliver durable and innovative products. When you think of Samsung, you will first think of devices like smartphones, tablets or TVs. However, this is not only what Samsung is famous for. They produce excellent household appliances, and their dishwashers are nothing less. Each of their dishwashers owns an Energy Star certification, which makes them good for the environment.

The built-in dishwasher is one of the various Samsung dishwashers that may be the right for you. Based on its specifications and customers reviews, we can state the following. If you are looking for a good and cheap dishwasher that will do the job, then this is the right dishwasher for you. However, if you are looking for a sense of style and extra performance, then maybe you should check other dishwashers. Continue reading our Samsung DW80K5050US review and find out why. You’ll also see why it’s on our list of best dishwashers.

samsung stormwash dishwasher reviews
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Design is an important factor to be considered when buying a dishwasher. Interior or exterior design, both have an impact on the usability of the dishwasher, user-experience, and overall home design.

This dishwasher is made of stainless steel. It is a built-in, permanently installed into your kitchen, which offers both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it looks better and blends in your kitchen so you can keep your style and design perfect. But, you will get this for a higher price than a freestanding dishwasher, which is expected. Its controls and control panel are hidden and its overall design looks really good. It has ice blue display indicator lights to show you when this dishwasher is working. Its simplicity and integrity will make you love the way it will fit your kitchen.


What this dishwasher is attractive for, is definitely its quiet operation. The dishwasher is extremely quiet during its operation, that you will even forget that it is working! Its maximum noise level is 48 dB, which is almost the same as a normal conversation at home. Customers have rated this dishwasher as one of the quietest dishwashers ever. This is a great benefit that it offers, which makes it convenient for many people.

samsung dw80k5050us review

Another thing that you will like is the auto-opening. At the end of its work, the door of the dishwasher it’s opened automatically. It leaves a small gap, which allows the steam to escape. Also, a built-in fan produces enough air to protect your counter. This feature allows dishes to dry completely.

Cleaning of various different types of dishes is another desirable feature that the Samsung DW80K5050US dishwasher offers. It is intended for use for different types of dishes. Dinner plates, soup bowls or frying pans – you can use this dishwasher for cleaning the messiest food stains on all of them. It has a Stormwash system, with which at some point in the washing cycle, an extra spray jet blows water that ensures dishes are fully clean.

Flexibility – we have to mention how the increased flexibility allows you to wash more dishes at the same time. The FlexLoad racking offers a great flexibility. You can adjust the upper rack, up or down, so you can fit various different shapes and sizes. And with the new, lower rack, the bending is definitely less.

Technical specifications

  • Brand – Samsung
  • Weight – 100 pounds
  • Product dimensions – 34 x 25 x 24 inches
  • Installation type – Built-in
  • Color – Stainless steel
  • Batteries required – No
  • Hard food disposer – Yes
  • Number of racks – Two
  • Sound -reduction system – Yes
  • Tub finish – Stainless steel
  • Operating sound level – 48 decibels


With this Samsung Stormwash dishwasher, you can forget about pre-cleaning of dishes. The dishwasher doesn’t require a pre-rinsing of dishes, which saves you a lot of time and effort!

The Stormwash system is an important characteristic that increases the performance of this dishwasher. Dishwashers with Stormwash system, compared to other Samsung dishwashers with Waterwall systems, take a different approach. They have rotating jets that blow water on especially messy spots, that helps to efficiently clean those dishes. Also, it has a powerful spray arm that makes sure the dishes are cleaned well.

samsung dw80k5050us

However, its performance in general, may not be the best ever. We compared this dishwasher to other with similar specifications, and results show that other dishwashers outperform this dishwasher. Also, based on consumer reviews, its performance it’s not rated the best.

Although it is expected to have high-quality cleaning performance, in practice the cleaning quality is pretty low. Many consumers had an unpleasant experience with greasy pots and not cleaned dishes when the machine has finished. This is definitely the major drawback, as logically its purpose it’s to clean dirty dishes. Another drawback is that it might not offer the best reliability. Consumers reviews show that customers often have problems related to the bottom and upper rack reliability.


This Samsung StormWash Top control built-in dishwasher definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the number of advantages is greater than the number of disadvantages. This Samsung dishwasher has some key features like StormWash system, auto-release door, digital leak sensor to protect your floor, touch control and very low sound level. It has some minor reliability and performance connected disadvantages, which is expected to some point if you check its price, which is pretty cheap. So, a good and cheap dishwasher with some minor disadvantages is what you get with this Samsung dishwasher, whose pros and cons we evaluated in this Samsung DW80K5050US review.

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Bosch Ascenta Review

bosch ascenta review

Bosch is a well-known manufacturing company for different household appliances. With its offered products and services, it’s famous almost everywhere in the world. What they are also famous for, is for producing high-quality and only top-ranked dishwashers on the market. If you are looking for a quiet dishwasher with a good performance, you are on the right way by choosing some of Bosch Ascenta series. The Ascenta line of dishwashers offers outstanding efficiency, quiet operation and a rich set of features. To make the  dishwasher less expensive and more affordable, Bosch made some innovations in the design. Bosch used a hybrid stainless and plastic tub while omitting certain popular features, like the oversized third rack. In this Bosch Ascenta review, you will see if the Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC dishwasher features suit your needs. It tops our list of best dishwashers, see why for yourself.

bosch ascenta
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The Bosch Ascenta design might be a little different than a standard stainless dishwasher. The front side of this dishwasher and the most of the tub is stainless steel. However, the bottom of the tub is made of plastic, which is different than the more expensive Bosch dishwashers. So this Ascenta dishwasher doesn’t have a full stainless steel tub.

The control panel is hidden, which it gives a very simple, yet very clean design. You are given the option to choose from two exterior colors, black and stainless steel. Read this Bosch Ascenta review further and find out more about the features and technical details.

Key features

Quiet washing operation – is a feature that you get with this Bosch Ascenta dishwasher. The sound level is only 50 dB, which is pretty low sound, so it’s pretty quiet even if you are in the same room. Customers reviews show big satisfaction from the produced noise level of this Bosch dishwasher.

This dishwasher is Energy Star certified, which means it operates safely for the environment. The Ascenta dishwasher, not only is Energy Star certified, but it actually exceeds Energy Star requirements.

bosch ascenta dishwasher reviews

Another good feature that you receive with this midrange Bosch Ascena dishwasher is good usability. Important characteristic of this machine is that it comes up with room for up to 14 place settings. For most of households needs, this is more than enough. Also, the Ascenta offers 6 different wash cycles, with two different options. This is less than compared to the other Ascenta line dishwasher. However, those cycles that are offered are enough for many different situations. The washing cycles are heavy wash cycle, auto wash, normal wash, delicate wash, express wash cycle and half load operation. You can even wash your delicate porcelain and not worry about its safety.  Two additional options are included also, the delay start option and sanitize option. The delay timer can be set for 3, 6, or even 9 hours.


This Bosch Ascenta dishwasher offers you an adjustable upper rack. You easily move the upper rack up or down, and it offers you more flexibility for various different types of dishes or pans.

Also, important is to notice that both racks of this dishwasher include flip tines. Like this, you can easily fit certain items like dishes, pans, or even cutlery in more convenient and efficient way.

bosch ascenta review

Another very important thing to speak about is this dishwasher’s price. It comes with a really affordable price, making it very cheap dishwasher that offers a lot of important features. Maybe two options are omitted, the child lock function and the rinse-only wash cycle, however you get a lot of other features mentioned above for a great price. This is a midrange dishwasher, with high-quality performance and consumers have been really satisfied with what this Bosch Ascenta dishwasher offers.

Technical specifications

  • Energy consumption per year – 279
  • Color – Black/Stainless steel
  • Maximum noise level – 50 dB
  • Place settings quantity – 14
  • Programs quantity – 6
  • Brand name – The Bosch Group
  • Maximum start timer delay – 9
  • Indicators – Sanitized indicator
  • Timer settings features – start time delay
  • Weight – 78.9 lbs
  • Width – 23.5 in
  • Depth – 22.6 in
  • Height – 35 in
  • Safety features – water overflow protection system
  • Maximum power consumption – 1400
  • Energy Star certified – Yes


Problems with this dishwasher occur very rarely, and consumers are pretty satisfied with its reliability and durability. The manufacturer offers a warranty coverage that can be compared to the highest ranked dishwashers on the market. This dishwasher has a one year warranty for labor and parts, which is typical for a household appliance. However, the racks of the dishwasher and its electrical system have 5 years warranty, which is incredible. Also, the manufacturer offers for this dishwasher’s tub and door liner a lifetime warranty. With the warranty, there is no doubt for the quality and durability you receive with this Bosch dishwasher.

Is it worth it?

The Asenta SHX3AR75UC dishwasher, which was our subject of our Bosch Ascenta review, is definitely worth the money. It offers a lot of benefits for its users, for a really good price. Of course, this dishwasher has also some drawbacks. One of them is that its racks sometimes can be very squeaky. Another is that when a washing cycle has finished, you might be annoyed by the repeating beeps. However, you can choose to change the volume level so the annoying beeps will be silent, or even turn them off completely. Also, there is no dry cycle which can be quite negative as dishes especially plastic ones, cannot dry completely before taking them out.

However, this dishwasher’s drawbacks are nothing when compared to all offered benefits. First, very affordable dishwasher with a great set of features. It is Energy Star certified, and therefore it saves energy and water, contributing to better environment. You get an adjustable upper rack, which gives you extra space for large pots and pans, and also up to 14 place settings. Also, you can be sure that your delicate porcelain is safe with this Bosch Ascenta dishwasher.

The most important thing about this dishwasher it is its performance capability. It is easy to use, and you will be impressed with the cleaning of this Bosch Ascenta dishwasher. It gets everything clean, so you will find no greasy spots. And finally, you will forget that you even have a working dishwasher in your room.

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