Bosch SHXM78W55N Review

There is no doubt that Bosch dishwashers are highest-ranked dishwashers, that offer both quality and durability. Bosch dishwashers are super quiet and their performance is simply incredible. The Bosch group has proven that their products outperform many of their competition, and the same applies to the Bosch 800 series. Bosch 800 series dishwashers might be slightly more expensive than other dishwashers of this range, however, we are sure these dishwashers are worth every penny. We evaluated the dishwasher in this Bosch SHXM78W55N review, and decided it’s absolutely worthy of being on our list of best dishwashers.

bosch shxm78w55n review
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With this Bosch dishwasher, be sure that you can fit everything you want inside. There is no need to worry about space – because you won’t have this problem again. All your dishes, silverware or expensive porcelain can be easily fit and super clean. The Bosch dishwasher stands out of the series, and definitely, you get great flexibility for a good price. Continue reading this Bosch review and learn more about the excellent features you get with this dishwasher.

The difference

Once you get this Bosch dishwasher, you will feel the difference between this dishwasher and other dishwashers at first sight. It is one of the quietest dishwashers that you can have in your home. With its maximum produced sound of 42 dB, it can work without disturbing you in all household activities. You can do everything you want, without noticing that there is a dishwasher working at the same time. This is a great plus of Bosch 800 series in general, and there is no doubt of the benefit you get with this Bosch dishwasher. Actually, it is ranked as the quietest dishwasher brand in the US.

The dishwasher offers great flexible capacity, which is maybe the most important feature. You can fit up to 16 place settings, which is more than the average capacity of similar dishwashers from other brands. Also, this dishwasher offers you an optional third rack. This rack you can use it freely for washing your silverware and kitchen utensils. We will evaluate now the most important features of this Bosch 800 dishwasher.

Sanitize option

This Bosch dishwasher comes with a sanitize option. You can use this option, which is actually a combination of time and higher water temperature, to sanitize more than 99.99 of common bacteria. Sanitize cycles like this can also be used for killing influenza and rhinoviruses. So if you are skeptical about viruses and bacteria, feel free to use this offered option.

Everyday use

This Bosch dishwasher, which is the subject of our review, will surprise you with its wonderful design. First, its input capabilities are more than enough for everyday use, or even for big birthday parties or other events at home. With up to 16 place settings, the dishwasher has a really great capacity for various different dishes, pans or pots. Of course, the third additional rack gives you an option for additional space and capacity.

bosch dishwasher shxm78w55n reviews

For all busy people with tight working schedules, this dishwasher comes with super convenient option – the 24 hours delay start. So you can actually run this dishwasher at off-peak times. Therefore, you can easily use this dishwasher with really good capacity whenever you need to use it.


All of us simply love the Bosch dishwashers. No matter for which series we are speaking about, they have proven their quality, performance and incredibly silent operation. This dishwasher is nothing less compared to the other 800 series dishwashers. It offers 6 different washing programs and 5 different options. Therefore, it is suitable for many different washing purposes. The Speed 60 washing cycle will clean your dishes with extra water and heat in just 60 minutes. Bosch always has been very innovative with all of their products, and the same applies to this model. Also, you get an extra dry option from which you get excellent drying results. An important feature to be mentioned when speaking about performance is the load size sensor, which automates wash temperature.

bosch shxm78w55n review

Other features

Environmental protection is important, and the Bosch group has proven that they work on improving their products and producing products that are safe for the environment. This dishwasher, same as other dishwashers from the Bosch 800 series, is Energy Star certified.

You will know that your Bosch dishwasher is running by InfoLights beams on the floor. This model also offers AquaStop leak protection that works 24/7, and FlexSpace tines that fold back so you can fit your large pots and pans. Also, the Bosch RackMatic technology on the upper rack gives you a great set of different possibilities. You can get 3 height adjustments and up to 9 possible rack positions, that you can use for different pans, cutlery or dishes. Also, this dishwasher has been rated as very efficient and convenient – with the delay start timer and self-latching door.

Technical specifications

  • Dishwasher style – 24” Wide built-in
  • Wash levels – 5 wash levels
  • Delay start timer – 24 hours
  • Wash cycles / Options – 6 wash cycles/ 5 options
  • Sound level rating – 42 dB
  • Pots and pans cycle – Yes
  • Rinse and hold option – Yes
  • High-temperature wash – Yes
  • Sani wash – Yes
  • Electronic controls – Yes
  • Tub type – Stainless steel tub
  • Dimensions – 23.5(W) x 33.8(H) x 23.7(D)
  • Energy Star certified – Yes
  • Adjustable racks – Upper Rack
  • Color – Stainless steel
  • AquaStop leak protection – 24/7
  • Self-latching door
  • LED remaining time display – Yes

To sum up

The dishwasher whose features we evaluated in this Bosch SHXM78W55N review is one of the quietest dishwashers that exist. As mentioned previously, it is ranked as the quietest dishwasher in the US. However, quiet operation is not the only valuable feature that you get with this dishwasher. You get a great set of features like different wash cycles, different options, and really good performance. Actually, customers have really good reviews and have been truly satisfied with the performance of this dishwasher. Also, you will definitely not have problems with its reliability and durability. So we recommend it for its quality and great performance for a good price.

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