The 5 Best Range Hoods

The age of today has blessed us with a lot of innovations. These innovations help us do our daily tasks and chores and make those easier. One of the most helpful items of today’s kitchen is the range hood. The range hoods bring a lot of benefits and it is completely understandable why the consumers are going crazy over them. They improve and ease up the overall cooking experience. Also, they look stylish, sophisticated and classy. The reason for this is that when we cook, we make a mess. Heavy cooking, especially on powerful stoves means that you need powerful smoke exhaustion and ventilation. This is exactly where the proper range hoods come in handy.

In order to make sure that your kitchen remains elegant and free of smoke, you should get one. However, there are a lot of things you need to research before you make the purchase. Just like you would do with other appliances in the home, you should know how the appliance actually works. Making an informed decision almost always means that you end up satisfied. Also, it means that the product you’ve bought works properly. In the end, it means that you’ve made a good investment and that it pays off by saving you time, energy and money.

The 5 Best Range Hoods

Cosmo Range Hood

Those who enjoy small and compact kitchen appliances would be very happy to hear that the Cosmo under cabinet range hood has all the features a person might need. It will make your kitchen look very stylish and it is quite helpful to have too.

Windster Range Hood

The Windster range hood is just the addition you are looking for in your kitchen if you want to have a wall mounted hood that works perfectly. It saves energy on the short and the long term and it is a very sophisticated solution to your cooking smoke problem.

Kobe Range Hood

This Kobe under cabinet range hood is just the thing you are looking for if you want to get a powerful machine as your next range hood purchase. It looks just the way it works – strong. It is definitely a durable kitchen appliance made to stay for years to come.

Ancona Range Hood

Coming in a well-designed construction, the Ancona Advanta Pro III is here to make your life easier. It is a powerful yet convenient under cabinet range hood with amazing features incorporated. The overall quality is excellent and above anyone’s expectations and it will surely improve your cooking experience too!

Z Line Range Hood

The Z Line KB-36 wall mount range hood is the next kitchen appliance you must have if you appreciate high-quality technology and materials into a practical range hood solution. It is stylish and yet it offers extraordinary performance and power. It cleans the air in no time and you can simply rely on it for good.

A few of the best range hood brands

The first step towards purchasing a range hood is the question of who you are purchasing it from. Namely, there are millions of manufacturers worldwide. However, not all of these manufacturers are reputable and offer high quality appliances. Especially if we take into consideration all the different types and configurations of range hoods. So, regardless of which type of range hood you intend to buy, here is some quick info about the most reputable manufacturers.

Considering different manufacturers means that you have different options. This can be true on many levels including price, quality, sizes, durability and reliability. The brands who are the best in this field are those who seek to implement innovation and customer satisfaction. The purpose of each product is to satisfy the needs of a client. So, when you are buying from a brand that has this in mind, you make sure that you will end up being happy with your purchase.

For example, Cosmo are known for offering compact and helpful range hoods. Windster and Kobe are manufacturers who tend to add innovation to the classy and sophisticated designs. Moreover, Ancona is another brand where you can expect quality. They offer excellent performance for very reasonable price. Somewhere here is Z Line too. They offer very powerful machines which are very durable too.

So, in order to be completely satisfied with your purchase, stay informed. Analyze your needs and options, and make a purchase according to them. If you can’t make up your mind, the brands above are all great options.

A buyers guide – what to keep an eye out for

Purchasing a range hood is very hard at times. We all need a little help sometimes and this can come in quite handy. For this reason, we’ve combined a buyer’s guide for you. It has the aim of helping you make your decision. After all, you should be able to enjoy your purchase as much as you can. It is an investment and you should treat it that way too. Because of this, here are the main things that you must have in mind before paying for it:

The first thing to remember is that size does matter when it comes to range hoods. In fact, the bigger – the better. Especially if you have a larger cooking surface. Each hood that can be on your short list should be at least as wide as the cooking surface you are planning to install it above. Additionally, it is also recommended to avoid downdraft hoods.

Another thing to take into consideration is the CFM. Most of the manufacturers talk about this feature with great pride. But we are here to tell you that this number is not everything. In fact, the manufacturer airflow claims tout cubic feet per minute of the air which is exhausted. When we take this statement into the real world, we would see that the greater the airflow is, the faster the venting is. However, this does not necessarily mean that the appliance will capture smoke better and remove it.

Moreover, you need to take installation into consideration. Regardless of what you are looking for – a range hood or an over the range microwave oven – proper installation is a must. To do this, you must read the owner’s manual carefully. If you aren’t sure that you can do it by yourself, seek for help. Most of the times, the hood is mounted at around 18-30 inches above the cooking surface. This is because you must have enough space to cook and maneuver with your hands. However, you mustn’t let the steam escape to the sides either. Additionally, you need to vent outdoors if you can manage it. You should do this by using the largest-size solid and metal ducting that is suitable. With the purpose of maximizing airflow, you should make sure that the duct runs are short and that there are as little bends as possible.

Lastly, you need to care about maintenance. This is something to take into consideration from the moment of buying the range hood. Make sure that the filters can be easily cleaned. For example, many of today’s filters are dishwasher safe and you should take advantage of this. After all, the filters must be washed or replaced every few months. Those who cook maybe too frequently should consider having replaceable filters because they can also get damaged easily.

Wrapping things up

There is a great variety of different range hoods nowadays. This is why you need to do research and know what types are offered. Also, you need to know your needs and your wishes. A suitable range hood for your needs should have all the features that you want. Also, it should have ample airflow for it to amaze you with performance. Lastly, it should be something that fits your needs and kitchen. Feel free to say NO to a range hood just because you think it doesn’t look good.

All those types of range hoods come with different designs and styles, feel free to choose whatever fits your needs. After all, it is an appliance that will be there with you when things get rough in the kitchen.